Getting Past the Hollywood Gatekeepers OnDemand Webinar

Getting Past the Hollywood Gatekeepers OnDemand Webinar

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Getting your screenplay read is one of the most difficult boundaries to success as a writer in Hollywood. But, getting your script to the reader's desk is just the first step of the journey. Knowing how to get your script past the reader is just as important.

Miranda has read for numerous companies in the past, including Amazon Studios, Walden Media, Bold Films, and more. As a writer, she's won contests including Go Into the Story's Quest Initiative and The Next MacGyver. She'll walk you through script analysis from a reader's standpoint.

Learn how best to overcome major pet peeves for readers. Discover how to get your script beyond the "good" stage to make your writing start feeling more professional on the first read-through. Gaining these insights should help you get your script past the gatekeepers with fewer bumps in the road along the way.


  • Reader pet peeves
  • How to get your script in front of a reader to begin with
  • How to elevate your project from amateur to professional
  • Where to take your polished script to get noticed
  • What major bumps you'll find in the road -- and how to avoid them
  • What a reader sees when they first look at your script


  • Writers who are looking to elevate their material
  • Writers who understand the need to pass the reader's desk
  • Writers who want to know their next step, now that they've written a draft
  • Writers wanting to get the most out of their opportunities in the business
  • Writers who feel stuck with a draft -- and aren't sure where to send it
  • Writers who want a sense of how to navigate the business beyond writing
  • Writers who want to polish their drafts

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