Grab the Reader with Your First 10 Pages OnDemand Webinar

Grab the Reader with Your First 10 Pages OnDemand Webinar

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Writing a screenplay is difficult to begin with, but one of the biggest areas of struggle is the first few pages. Writers are constantly challenged to engage the reader early and hold their interest immediately. But figuring out how to do this in a compelling way takes more work than it might appear.

In this webinar, professional screenplay reader Miranda will use her years of behind-the-scenes experience to address ways to capture the reader early on -- and keep them interested in the rest of your script. Additionally, she will provide a glimpse into some of the most common mistakes that arise in the first pages of a script, and how to avoid them. The webinar will also tackle some of the myths surrounding how readers respond to early pages and what those myths mean for writers today.


  • Why the "First 10" matter so much
  • Major Dos and Don'ts in early pages
  • The importance of catching a reader early on
  • Ways to avoid major pitfalls
  • What matters most in your first pages
  • Areas in your first pages to focus heavily on in revisions


  • Writers looking to gain insight on reader experience
  • Writers who need help with their early pages
  • Writers who are just starting out
  • Writers who have a draft ready -- but are in revision mode
  • Writers polishing a late-stage draft
  • Writers who want insight on how their script is received and reviewed
  • Writers with questions about their first act

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