Gravity: Piece by Piece - The Chemistry and Physics of a Great Feature Script OnDemand Webinar

Gravity: Piece by Piece - The Chemistry and Physics of a Great Feature Script OnDemand Webinar

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One of 2013's biggest feature films, Gravity pleased crowds and critics alike, earning well over $600 million dollars worldwide and near-universal acclaim. In this live webinar, screenwriter Tom Benedek examines the structure of the film and its script, taking you through a consideration and celebration of movie greatness (and how to achieve it).

Understanding how to maximize story and character with a minimum of locations and characters is an important asset in today's feature film industry. Many writers and directors have broken into the business with successful films that use a minimum of production elements. Though Gravity is a big and expensive film with star casting, it still features many elements of the enclosed thriller.

Simultaneously, operating as a "movie season" blockbuster, Gravity manages to use special effects and visual spectacle for the purposes of plot and character rather than letting itself be overwhelmed by these facets of its scope.


  • How to construct an enclosed thriller
  • How to construct a blockbuster that appeals to today's movie audience
  • How to maximize your story with relatively few characters and locations
  • How to build out strong dramatic scenes to maximize character development
  • How to use spectacle to consistently enhance story impact
  • How to build a strong and emotionally nuanced movie protagonist
  • How to modulate intimate dramatic character details with thriller story elements


  • Beginning to advanced screenwriters
  • Writers from other disciplines seeking to expand into feature writing
  • Writers who want to learn how to write an exceptional "enclosed thriller"
  • Writers who want to learn how to write how to maximize story with few production elements
  • Fans of Gravity who want to understand the movie's structure better
  • Actors, directors, filmmakers who want to understand the feature film realm in greater depth

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