How to Begin Writing Your Screenplay: Facing the Blank Page OnDemand Webinar

How to Begin Writing Your Screenplay: Facing the Blank Page OnDemand Webinar

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No matter how long you've been writing, getting started is usually the hardest part of the process. In this live webinar, Writers Guild Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger shares his secrets to tapping into what really matters in your writing, and translating your creative instincts onto the page.

Whether you're struggling to get started on a project you've always wanted to write, hesitating over a daunting rewrite, or searching for that great idea that will finally inspire you, Jacob will help you break through your creative blocks, and get your writing flowing again.


• An organic, character based approach to screenwriting that helps you get in touch with your instincts, start writing, and keep writing
• How to find your next great idea
• The subconscious causes of writers block and how to overcome them
• The 10 common mistakes that make it hard to start
• How to connect (or reconnect) with your characters
• How to get dialogue flowing when your characters aren't talking
• How the power of your visual imagination can inspire your screenwriting
• The 5 ways to find your structure--when you don't know what happens next
• The 4 elements that every scene needs
• How to think in movie terms
• What to do when you don't like your writing
• How to overcome cliché, and make your writing stand out
• How to turn format into a friend
• How to build a writer's lifestyle, and a schedule you can keep


• Writers who want to start a new screenplay
• Writers who feel blocked or hesitant
• Writers who are dreading a rewrite
• Writers who have had their script rejected
• Writers who have a great story, but are having trouble getting its full potential across to their readers
• Writers who want their script to feel professional
• Writers who have received bad coverage
• Writers applying for festivals, competitions, fellowships, and grants
• Writers who want to improve their craft and hook their reader from the very first page
• Writers who want techniques for identifying what makes their script unique and desirable
• Writers who are having trouble getting their story started
• Writers who would like to attract a big star to their script
• Writers who would like to learn more about capturing the attention of agents, producers, and managers

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