Inside The TV Writers Room: How To Go From Writers Assistant to Staff Writer OnDemand Webinar

Inside The TV Writers Room: How To Go From Writers Assistant to Staff Writer OnDemand Webinar

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The Writers' Assistant position in a TV Writers Room is one of the most sought after highly coveted support staff jobs in Hollywood if you want to write. It is where the day job and the dream job begin to intersect as you sit around a table with writers with all different credits from all different walks of life, surrounded by dry-erase boards and break story. This process goes on all season long as you take notes, organize thoughts and documents and interact with professional storytellers with representation and Guild membership.

Adam has been in over five drama rooms, many times as Writers Assistant. He has worked on both Cable and Broadcast shows. He first co-wrote a freelance episode while being the Writers Assistant on a show. And then his next gig was as a full-blown Staff Writer. Additionally he also writes feature films and has published two collections of one-act plays.

Learn how to increase your chances of landing in a writers room. What it means to break story for episodic television, how to navigate the hierarchy of the room as well as when to pitch and when to be quiet. The most effective way to take notes and organize the daily document you'll need to produce. And best of all, how to transition out of the role of writers assistant into one of a staff writer.


  • When and How to Pitch in the room
  • How to take the best notes
  • The other responsibilities of the Writers Assistant in the room
  • How to land a spot in the room
  • How to make yourself be noticed by the showrunner
  • The secrets to staff writer success
  • How to write that freelance episode
  • The inner workings and hierarchy of the writers room


  • Current Writers Assistants in the room
  • Recent Film School Graduates
  • Assistants at Production Companies who want to be in TV
  • Showrunner assistants on TV shows
  • Script Coordinators on TV shows
  • Writers PA on TV shows
  • Feature writers looking to transition to TV
  • Previous staff writers looking for their next room
  • SET PA's looking for a position in the writers room

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