Make Your Film Narrative Pulse with Energy & Create a GREAT Read OnDemand Webinar

Make Your Film Narrative Pulse with Energy & Create a GREAT Read OnDemand Webinar

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Besides writing succinct dialogue, one of the biggest challenges screenwriters face is constructing a powerful and effective narrative description. After all, narrative description describes the story within your screenplay--which includes the action, settings, characters, and sounds. Discover successful strategies for making your film narrative pulse with energy!

Discover tricks of the trade and the skills needed to create a great read of your screenplay. In this live webinar, award-winning screenwriter Glenn M. Benest will cover how to write an effective film narrative. Learn the essential strategies and techniques of narrative description and much, much more!

Explore the elements necessary for constructing a powerful and effective narrative description. During this webinar we'll examine film narrative from well-known and successful screenplays and uncover how the essential elements of narrative description can imbue your film with energy.

Discover the best kept secrets for creating a screenplay that catches the attention of agents!

The biggest mistake most screenwriters make: they don't spend enough time making their narrative (description) truly exceptional. Don't make the same mistake! Glenn Benest will share easy-to-learn skills--make your screenplays more commercial!


  • The best words to use when writing or conveying action
  • How to describe your characters
  • The importance of rhythm and pace in your writing
  • How to define the genre and style of your script
  • How to use strong visual imagery within your narrative
  • How to write your narrative vertically (instead of horizontally)
  • How to pay attention to action words, not descriptive ones
  • How to best introduce your characters
  • How to write with style and energy--separating your screenplays from the pack!


  • All screenwriters: beginning, intermediate, and experienced
  • Writers who want the reader to experience a truly "great read"
  • Writers who are struggling to take their script to the next level
  • Writers who want to greatly improve the overall impact of their script
  • Writers who want to learn more about narrative
  • Writers who want an inside look at the film business

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