Master the Mystery Genre OnDemand Webinar

Master the Mystery Genre OnDemand Webinar

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In order to effectively write films for today's viewers, screenwriters must master the history of their genre. After learning these skills and applying them to their work, screenwriters will have an advantage over their competition by understanding where and how their genre has emerged. Screenwriters armed with that information will then pitch fresh, new genuine concepts within the media landscape that is muddied with copycat material.

Every studio exec and producer will ask these two questions regarding material that is pitched to them; "Why make this project?" and "Why make this project now?" The Writer's Advantage method offers the tools writers need to effectively answer those questions.

By doing this work around their genre screenwriters sell ideas, it's that simple.We'll "run the history" of the mystery genre, evergreen in popularity throughout media history, and through this process, screenwriters learn how to apply this method to their own writing.

After screenwriters do this work they will know exactly how to answer those questions of "why do this project?" and "why do this now" and they will pitch with confidence knowing exactly where they stand within the current marketplace.

Screenwriters who master their genre soon learn what that mastering can do for them when they successfully pitch their work armed with this research.

Your webinar leader has experience as a d-girl, producer, cable network V. P. of programming and is an author and academic leader. She knows the behind-the-scenes operations of development departments at studios, networks, digital channels and publishing houses. She is also concerned with preserving storytelling in fragmented world to assure that media reaches a higher level. Through this method, writers create authentic texts instead of continued prequels, sequels, remakes and reboots.

This webinar guides the screenwriter through a series of steps that provides them with illuminating information to support their idea and defend their pitch. To illustrate this method of research and screenwriting, the webinar focuses upon the mystery genre:

  1. identifying the quintessential (fraternal, leading) text of the mystery genre
  2. identifying the traits of the genre such as the main, usually quirky detective/individual searching to solve a problem, evidence, foreshadowing, plot twists, red herrings, clues, cliffhanging devices, urgency, and usually a surprise ending...
  3. identifying the traits a new mystery project may or may not utilize and how to introduce new traits to the genre (think setting the most recent SHERLOCK in present day London).
  4. analyzing the mass and niche consumption of the genre
  5. processing this research to improve writing and ideas


  • Explanation of the Writer's Advantage method of research/writing
  • A method to improve your current idea, genre, and your writing overall
  • How to embrace this mastery of genre and what knowing genres can do for screenwriters
  • Earn confidence for strong, solid ideas and deliver confident pitches as a result
  • How to work with a checklist of concepts to assure ideas are authentic
  • How this research can lead to new hybrid genres such as Steampunk - invent a new genre now!
  • Become a better writer overall


  • Aspiring and emerging screenwriters
  • Professional and established screenwriters who have received one-too-many-rejections
  • and/or wish to revive their ideas or careers
  • Film/TV/Digital media students/screenwriters
  • English and writing students
  • Media development execs and editors and executives
  • Screenwriting and media experts

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