The Modern TV Drama Pilot: How To Write For Success In Today's Marketplace OnDemand Webinar

The Modern TV Drama Pilot: How To Write For Success In Today's Marketplace OnDemand Webinar

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Television drama is changing faster and more radically than it ever has before. Yesterday's hot hip hit now looks as stodgy and dated as reruns of The Mod Squad. The pilots networks are buying are faster, darker, and weirder than anything the medium has ever seen. And they're only going to keep pushing in this direction -- more complex, more disturbing, more violent, more addictive... and just plain more.

If you want to sell a pilot in this new reality -- or if you're hoping to impress buyers with a spec pilot as a writing sample -- you need to understand where the market is now, and where it will be a year from today... and you need to know why. This webinar will explain the forces driving the changes in storytelling styles and structures, and show you how to design your own pilot for the new television world.


• How television drama is changing in front of our eyes
• The commercial imperatives that keep networks pushing further and further -- and why it won't stop
• What defines "great writing" in this new market -- and what feels dated immediately
• New structures for drama series and what they mean for you
• What elements are required for a pilot today
• The one structural technique you need to make your pilot saleable
• How to retrofit an older pilot to fit the new trends


• Writers who are writing a spec pilot
• Writers who are interested in working in television
• Writers who have pilot scripts that aren't getting the right kind of attention
• Writers who want to understand why television is changing
• Writers who want to make a place for themselves in the new TV world
• Writers who love the new dramas and want to understand them better
• Writers who are planning their first pilot
• Writers who are trying to rewrite a pilot
• Writers whose previous pilots have not sold
• Writers who want to refine their series pitch
• Writers who want to understand what makes a pilot sell
• Writers who have great series concepts but need to know how to develop them into a script


After registering for this webinar, you will receive instant access to a recording of the Develop and Pitch TV Shows Panel: 2014 Screenwriters World Conference Session. Creating an episodic TV series is a very different endeavor from writing a story for a movie, play or novel. In writing a pilot, your task is not just to write a great story - tough as that is - it's to create compelling characters in a dramatic situation that will generate at least 100 more great stories. Find out from seasoned TV writers what's required to crack this challenging but lucrative market, where the writer is (usually) king.

Also with the purchase of this webinar, you will immediate access to Introduction to Writing TV Pilots, an eBook brought to you by The Writers Store. It gives a solid introduction to the development of the modern TV show, the structural elements of pilots episodes, tips on how to keep your audience in the main character's point of view, and much more!

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