More Contemporary Poetic Forms Video Download

More Contemporary Poetic Forms Video Download

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This tutorial covers even more popular poetic forms used by contemporary poets than discussed in Contemporary Poetic Forms: Newer Forms for Poets. This tutorial tackles found poems like the golden shovel, discusses prose poems, and even dives into the paradelle (made famous by Billy Collins). Writers will discover many poetic forms and receive instruction on how to write them effectively.

This tutorial is taught by Robert Lee Brewer, an editor with the Writer's Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection Solving the World's Problems(Press 53). A former Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere, Brewer is editor of Poet's Market, blogs at Poetic Asides, and writes a poetry column for Writer's Digest magazine. Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

In this 48-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:
  • Why forms are beneficial to poets
  • How to write the golden shovel, cascade, prose poem, list poem, acrostic, concrete, chant, nonet, palindrome, and paradelle
  • Examples of the forms
  • Variations of some of the forms
  • Strategies for handling various contemporary poetic forms
By the end of this tutorial, poets will know how to write 10 new poetic forms,and a few variations.

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