Nail Your Novel (or Memoir’s) Voice and Tone

Nail Your Novel (or Memoir’s) Voice and Tone

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Agents and editors are always talking about the importance of voice. But what is it? Can you even identify it in your own work? Every genre has its own unique signatures that readers come to expect, known as voice and tone. These elements make it possible to identify the genre within a few pages and often reflect the personality, mood and spirit of your characters and your themes. Nailing your novel (or memoir's) voice and tone will not only make sure you’re meeting readers’ expectations, but it can increase your chance of publication. Nailing voice and tone goes a long way toward writing memorable characters with page turning stories that readers can’t put down.

This live webinar will demonstrate these two terms through powerful examples from contemporary fiction/memoir, and explain how to use such things as word choice, syntax, character personality, and more to consciously create them in your work.

Jordan Rosenfeld brings her experience as author of six books on the craft of writing, and three novels, to show you how to infuse a richness of character and the right mood into your book.


  • The difference between voice and tone
  • How to use syntax and word choice to shape your characters’ voice
  • The power of verbs and sentence structure on voice/tone
  • How to consciously create a mood (tone) in your work
  • How to use character personality to create voice
  • How your characters’ experiences, opinions and world view affect voice
  • The importance of dialogue
  • How voice and tone play out in different genres
  • How imagery, specificity, and musicality shape voice and tone



  • Fiction writers
  • Memoir writers
  • Writers who want to create compelling, memorable characters
  • Writers who want their stories to snag an agent
  • Writers who want to take their work to the next level
  • Writers who struggle to distinguish their characters
  • Writers whose characters tend to sound the same
  • Writers who want to nail their genre
  • Writers who want to learn precisely what voice is
  • Writers who are trying to create a certain mood
  • Writers who want their sentences to reflect their themes


Jordan Rosenfeld is author of the forthcoming novel Fallout (Running Wild Press), as well as the novels of the novels Women in Red and Forged in Grace and six books on the craft of writing, most recently How to Write a Page-Turner, the bestselling Make a SceneWriting the Intimate Character, A Writer’s Guide to Persistence, Writing Deep Scenes and Write Free. Her freelance articles and essays have been published in hundreds of publications, including: The AtlanticThe New York TimesScientific AmericanWriter’s Digest MagazineThe Washington Post and many more. She is also a freelance manuscript editor, writing coach and teaches online classes. and

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