NOVEL TO SCRIPT: How to Adapt, Structure, and Sell a Screenplay Based on a Book OnDemand Webinar

NOVEL TO SCRIPT: How to Adapt, Structure, and Sell a Screenplay Based on a Book OnDemand Webinar

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Novels are worlds unto themselves, fully-rendered artistic visions that have more in common with films than screenplays. To translate from one medium to the next, one key ingredient must be identified and adapted: story.

Letting the story dictate what characters, sub-plots, and settings survive the adaptation process to the screen is the most successful way to structure a screenplay based on a book. But the process for unearthing a book's essential story elements, reconstructing and reinvisioning characters, dialogue and setting for film can often be daunting.

This webinar will cover the analytical tools necessary to create a narrative structure for the that is based on the original material but allows the cinematic elements to come to the fore.

Great novels do not always lend themselves to visual storytelling. This webinar will demystify the deconstruction/reconstruction process essential in translating a book or novel into the visual language of screenwriting. Once successfully adapted, a novel and screenplay can double your odds of selling to Hollywood.


  • How to analyze a novel or book for successful adaptation to a screenplay
  • Tips on how to find the cinematic story in a novel
  • How to separate necessary story elements from extraneous detail
  • Identifying your main characters
  • How to create a timeline for events in the novel vs. screenplay
  • How to translate a scene from novel to screenplay
  • How to remove expensive production elements without diluting the story
  • How to reinvision the world of the novel into the world of the film
  • How to get literary characters to speak and act clearly for the screen
  • How to not get overwhelmed when literary characters go rogue on you


  • Writers who are interested in adapting material into a screenplay
  • Writers who have written a novel and want to adapt their work to a script
  • Writers who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Writers looking for literary material to option, adapt, and sell to Hollywood
  • Writers wanting to double their odds of a sale by optioning a book
  • Writers who want to create a niche for themselves as screenwriters
  • Writers who have been told, "This is great! I wish it was based on something."

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