PowerNetworking: Attaching Talent and Packaging Your Project OnDemand Webinar

PowerNetworking: Attaching Talent and Packaging Your Project OnDemand Webinar

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This webinar will teach you how to think differently about your work and your career. Now that you've polished your brilliant screenplay or pitch, learn how to not only brainstorm, identify, and research a finely honed short hit list of marquis-value actors truly appropriate for your roles, but also find the bankable directors that will be most likely to respond to and honor your unique voice. Your work needs to also attract the financiers and distributors who are major players in your niche or genre, and the brands that are eager to hit your target demographics. Learn how to track them down, strategize the best approaches to get on their radars, and develop the kind of materials they will best respond to.


  • Who actually makes movies (and how to get your scripts to them)
  • How to help build and sustain the necessary momentum to make your movie happen
  • How to research the professionals you admire and would love to work with
  • How to market yourself and your project
  • What sort of marketing materials you should create (logline, synopsis, treatment, beat sheet, one sheet, poster, website, etc.)
  • What should go into your pitch package, proposal, mini or full-blown business plan
  • How to shift your perspective to see the business through the eyes of the people who can help you achieve your dreams
  • How to get out of the box -- and into action!


  • Screenwriters who are ready to "produce" their own careers
  • Screenwriters who are tired of waiting for others to make their projects or careers "happen"
  • Screenwriters who have a great script or project polished but don't know what to do with it
  • Screenwriters who know who they'd love to have star in or direct a movie made from their script
  • Screenwriters who have an idea (or would like to have an idea) of which ShowRunners could greenlight their TV projects
  • Screenwriters who have tried everything and aren't getting the results they want
  • Screenwriters who are willing to try something out-of-the-box

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