Producing Your Short Film Script: Launch Your Entertainment Career as a Writer-Producer OnDemand Webinar

Producing Your Short Film Script: Launch Your Entertainment Career as a Writer-Producer OnDemand Webinar

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If you're a writer with an interest in feature films or even trying your hand at TV writing, you may feel incredibly challenged at getting a producer or director attached to transform what's written on the page to appear on screen. One way to "break in" as well as further your art and build experience is to start by working on a short film. As a writer of a short film, you are also in a position of creative as well as managerial power over the project if you are also attached as the film's producer.

This webinar will provide proven tips, tactics and lessons you can learn to produce a short film you've written -- even if you've never been a producer before. You'll learn how to think like a producer while writing. You'll also gain the skills needed to transition from writer to producer mode when needed; and receive guidance on how to stay focused on managing a start-to-finish production process that's rewarding, collaborative and transforms your story into something you may not have even thought possible when you first wrote it. And, most important of all, you'll learn why attaching yourself as a producer to your own work will empower you to launch your film career from a position of strength with both writer and producer skills to offer the industry.

As a writer first and a producer second, Kathy Berardi learned the hard way why it takes much more than good storytelling skills to carry a film's vision from page to screen. Kathy has managed both small as well as independent feature budget-sized short film productions and professionally made a business out of producing short-form content for over a decade. Kathy will personally relay her lessons learned in a fun and engaging way; and arm you as a writer to start thinking and acting as a film producer.


  • Why Hollywood respects writers who produce
  • Why a hybrid title of writer-producer is essential for a long term career in Hollywood
  • The importance of learning how to produce a film in addition to writing it
  • Why you should consider going beyond the page and producing
  • The top things you should consider when approaching a story as a producer
  • What a producer on a short film does
  • The pitfalls to avoid during the first short film you produce
  • Why a producer's job is both glamorous yet tasking and why it should be you
  • A checklist on what to handle at each critical stage of the production
  • How to break down a story as a producer
  • How to map out the short film project's roadmap to success
  • What it means for your career's success when you prove yourself as a writer and producer
  • Why producing strengthens your skills as a writer


  • Writers who need a project to get off the ground
  • Writers who have considered producing but don't know where to start
  • Writers who want to deliver a short film they believe in by doing it themselves
  • Writers who know they need to do more than write to get ahead
  • Writers who aren't in a position to act or direct and want to creatively lead
  • Writers who wish to creatively lead a team in addition to storytelling
  • Writers looking for resources on how to make themselves more competitive in the entertainment career market
  • Writers who are looking for a way "in" beyond scriptwriting
  • Writers who need more diverse jobs skills
  • Writers who want their short film to help launch their careers

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