Season Bible: Building Your TV Series Pitch OnDemand Webinar

Season Bible: Building Your TV Series Pitch OnDemand Webinar

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The market for original TV series continues to expand. As the form evolves, producers and studios seek fully formed series presentations for marketing to networks and channels. Any TV series covers a vast amount of creative content in each of its season. To adequately showcase the potential of a series idea, it is important to be able to enunciate a long-term view of what the show will offer story-wise.

Webinar participants will be provided with Series Bibles from successful shows. The structure and ingredients of these documents will be explored and broken down thoroughly.

BONUS: Annotated PDFs of these bibles will be provided for further study after the webinar.


  • What successful TVseason bibles contain.
  • How to optimize the potential of your series.
  • What needs to go in a season bible.
  • What studios are seeking in presentations of new shows.


  • Writers working on an original spec or an assigned TV pilot script.
  • Writers looking to develop a complete TV series pitch.

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