Simple Strategies for Building a Successful Screenwriting Career OnDemand Webinar

Simple Strategies for Building a Successful Screenwriting Career OnDemand Webinar

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You've toiled over your screenplay and made it as good as it can be. But once the writing is done, what do you do next? In today's competitive market, business savvy is a necessary compliment to any strong screenplay.

Join us for this insightful live webinar as we explore setting effective short-term goals that will help you build a cohesive and compelling brand. You'll also learn how to create comprehensive networks and ongoing marketing efforts--helping you to get noticed and your script read! Ultimately, you want to get your work and brand in front of the right people and in the right hands, and this webinar will teach you how to do exactly that!

This class will steer clear of broad business concepts; instead, we will focus on simple, ongoing efforts you can use to get noticed and build momentum in your screenwriting career.


  • The difference between short term goals and long term aspirations
  • How to identify your winning brand
  • How to determine your brand's value proposition
  • Five screenwriting mistakes every executive wants you to avoid
  • What every writer should have under their belt before they begin making inroads within the industry
  • How to build the better part of your screenwriting career remotely
  • How writers really break into TV
  • When to send your script out: the industry's seasonality
  • Why cold queries no longer work
  • There good reasons you should attend pitch fests (even though no one sells a pitch at one)
  • How the right contests really can help
  • How to build your network from scratch
  • If you really need representation
  • Three reasons to avoid being represented by a big agency


  • Screenwriters with their aim set squarely on building a brand and a screenwriting career
  • Screenwriters unsure of their next steps
  • Screenwriters with strong screenplays who can't seem to get their work read
  • Screenwriters who won or placed in contest and want to capitalize on that momentum
  • Screenwriters who aren't sure what their brand is
  • Screenwriters who live outside of Los Angeles and want to build momentum for their career
  • Screenwriters who need help building their screenwriting career

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