Story Concepts That Sell OnDemand Webinar

Story Concepts That Sell OnDemand Webinar

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The single most important choice you make when writing a spec script is the story concept. If you have a strong one, you have a shot at a sale. If not, you have zero chance. That's why you must acquire the skills, habits, and mindset to generate story concepts -- and lots of them -- understand how to develop them, and assess their commercial viability.

Scott Myers broke into the business as a screenwriter by selling the high-concept spec script K-9 in a bidding war. He has written projects for every major Hollywood movie studio and broadcast TV network, trafficking constantly in the world of story concepts. In this webinar, Scott will share insights into this highly specialized aspect of the creative process, one he has practiced and developed over 25 years in the business.


  • A take on 'high concept' that actually helps your creative process
  • The singular importance of a 'story conceit'
  • How to think in terms of genres, cross genres, and sub-genres
  • Hollywood's golden rule of 'similar, but different'
  • Keys to brainstorming story concepts
  • Why recycling is more than just an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Gender-bending and genre-bending
  • A commonsense approach on how to write loglines
  • The two most powerful words in the story concept process
  • Why you need to take into account the international market
  • Many more tips on coming up with story concepts that can sell


  • Writers who want to write commercial movies
  • Writers who want to land representation with a manager and/or agent
  • Writers who need to understand the mindset of a Hollywood buyer
  • Writers who have never grasped how important story concepts are
  • Writers who struggle with writing loglines
  • Writers who want to learn how to approach the craft like a professional
  • Writers whose dream is to sell an original spec script
  • Writers who want to maximize their chances at breaking into Hollywood
  • Writers who are serious about succeeding as a screenwriter

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