The Art of Writing the Twist Ending OnDemand Webinar

The Art of Writing the Twist Ending OnDemand Webinar

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Let's face it... Everyone loves a terrific twist ending! The difference between a mediocre film and a cinematic masterpiece can literally be determined within the last 10 minutes of a movie.

A twist--or surprise--ending is simply a revelation or "beat" near the end of the story that reverses what was previously assumed by the audience. Although a plot twist can occur at any point in the story, it is those that happen in the final act that give audiences the most satisfaction.

So how do you write a killer twist ending that will sell your screenplay and dazzle audiences around the world? Join Hollywood screenwriter and bestselling author, Mylo Carbia, as she analyzes the architecture of a great twist ending and shares her unique methodology for writing surprise endings that sell.

During these 90 minutes, you will learn what types of scripts Hollywood agents and producers are looking for, how to mine fresh ideas from current events, how to morph old concepts into new scenarios, and how to implement Mylo's unique formula for layering "in your face" clues throughout the story, designed to completely outsmart suspense lovers across the globe.


  • What is a twist/surprise ending and why you should write one
  • The five most commonly used types of surprise endings
  • The ten films that became box office hits because of their ending
  • Why the last 10 minutes of your movie is the most important
  • Why a fantastic twist ending can instantly sell your script
  • Why writing the ending first makes a better screenplay
  • Why audiences are immune to old formulas and how to combat it
  • How to create genuine shock and suspense in your writing
  • How to layer clues in your story without giving away your ending
  • How to write "red herring" scenes audiences will love
  • How to create complicated protagonists that will reflect new societal ideals
  • How to create formidable antagonists that stand the test of time
  • How to choose settings that create entrapment and suspense
  • How to twist traditional storylines into fresh concepts
  • How to use suspense foreplay as your weapon of entertainment
  • How to create scenes that burn into moviegoers' minds for years
  • How to break Hollywood conventions without getting shut out
  • How to make your story timeless and appealing to all cultures
  • How social media has completely changed the film community
  • Why you should create a killer writer platform while selling your screenplay


  • Writers who want to create memorable twist endings
  • Writers who love mystery and suspense in any genre
  • Writers who want to write their first screenplay
  • Writers who want to learn advanced tips and tricks to hone their craft
  • Writers currently revising old scripts for resubmission
  • Writers who fear their concept is overdone in the marketplace
  • Writers wanting to advance to the top of their genre
  • Writers wanting to learn the skill of creating vivid, impactful scenes
  • Writers frustrated with rejection of their scripts
  • Filmmakers wanting to make awesome low-budget films
  • Filmmakers wanting to sell their projects to the big studios

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