The First 15 Pages: Tarantino Style OnDemand Webinar

The First 15 Pages: Tarantino Style OnDemand Webinar

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The first 15 pages of a script are crucial. You want them to keep reading. You want to send your readers into a garden of delights -- not a mine field. There are triggers to keep them reading: hooks into story, a fresh point of view, the promise of engaging characters and plot. Tarantino is not just an amazing filmmaker; he is an artful and dedicated screenwriter. His scripts have even won him two Oscars for Best Original Screenplay.

By looking closely at how and why readers keep turning the pages of Tarantino's scripts, you can learn to keep readers engaged in your own scripts. Raw creativity is not enough. Tarantino has plenty of that, but he is also a craftsman. He is a student of film, story, and script. In this webinar, screenwriter and instructor Tom Benedek will celebrate Tarantino's wonderful writing while using it to teach you how to write a better script.


  • How to write more powerful and engaging character descriptions
  • How to open your story dynamically with the most effective angle of entry
  • How to use your own voice - fourth wall - to pull the reader in
  • How to create story rhythm that can resonate throughout your script


  • Writers who respect/appreciate/love the work of Quentin Tarantino and want insight into his screenwriting technique
  • Screenwriters who want to enhance their storytelling skills
  • Writers seeking new ways to add dynamic openings to their material and hook the reader from the very first page
  • Writers who have had their script rejected
  • Writers who want their script to feel professional
  • Writers who would like to learn more about capturing the attention of agents, producers, and managers

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