The Publishable Novel OnDemand Webinar

The Publishable Novel OnDemand Webinar

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You'll Love This OnDemand Webinar If:

  • You are finishing or have finished a manuscript and want to submit appropriately and successfully
  • You want to leverage both publishing and literary markets to advance your writing career
  • You want to expand your skill set to include novelization
  • You are currently considering or writing a novel

Acquisition editors are first and foremost readers , habitual readers , who have learned to recognize talent, freshness, and a manuscript that will have redeemable value in the marketplace. At their core, acquisition editors love a good read , and books that intrigue. No one wants to open a dud. They want to feel surprised, delighted and even a bit intoxicated by a manuscript. To please an acquisition editor, a writer's material must evoke a reaction that tells them the material will not only sell, but please readers.

Publishers and acquisition editors consider many things when reviewing manuscripts for publication. Most have looked at thousands and hundreds of thousands of submissions and can now make decisions quickly based on that broad experience. And at each juncture, the decision is skip or continue, a firm "no" or a curious "maybe." (Does the work need more development, or is it pretty much ready to go?) The goal for the writer is to accrue as many "maybes" as it takes to get to "Yes!" To get there, writers who listen to industry professionals find that success has to do with the business of "readability."

In this webinar, we will show you the elements and standards used by acquisition editors in selecting material, as well as the criteria and considerations, and even the attitudes that acquisition editors bring to submitted manuscripts. We will show you how to leverage your skills and experience to serve your career goals in publishing. Above all, you will learn how to get the acquisition editor to say, "Yes!"

What You'll Learn From This OnDemand Webinar:

  • The elements and standards used by acquisition editors seek in selecting material
  • The criteria and considerations, even the attitudes that acquisition editors bring to submitted manuscripts
  • How to leverage your skills and experience to serve your career goals in publishing
  • How to determine whether or not your first ten pages will engage an acquisition editor
  • How to understand and apply publishing terms/jargon
  • How to pick the best "targets" for your manuscript
  • What story devices work and why
  • How to pitch the right elements the right way in cover or query letters
  • The importance of world-building, chronology, and Point of Narration
  • Why a prologue or Inciting Incident might not be the best strategy for your story
  • What you can learn from rejection letters

A Little About the Presenters:

Charlotte Robin Cook, MFA, was the cofounder, and former publisher of a boutique publishing house. Working as an acquisition and story editor, Charlotte brought to publication six award-winning novels before returning to story editing and consulting in 2010. Writer's Digest, Shelf Awareness, and Publishers Weekly featured her and her philosophy on publishing during her tenure at KOMENAR. Charlotte has taught writing and story theory since 1993 and been a popular featured speaker and workshop leader at writers conferences throughout California and across the U.S. Many of her students have been published, found agents, won contests, and entered graduate programs. Charlotte has also served as a final judge in several fiction categories for the annual international Indie Awards. In 2010, she selected the top fiction winners.

Jon James Miller won Grand Prize of the 2008 AAA Screenplay Contest sponsored by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, the 2009 Golden Brad for Drama, the 2009 ThrillSpy International Film Festival Best Historical Screenplay, and was a finalist in the 2011 Austin Writers Conference for Garbo's Last Stand. Jon co-wrote Adapting Sideways: How To Turn Your Screenplay Into A Publishable Novel (Komenar Publishing), which chronicled the process of adapting his screenplay to novel. Garbo's Last Stand is Jon's first novel. He is represented by Jill Marr at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and Michael Cendejas at the Lynn Pleshette Literary Agency.

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