The Seven Traits of a Producible Script OnDemand Webinar

The Seven Traits of a Producible Script OnDemand Webinar

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In sports, there is a big step up from amateur to pro. In fact, many top amateur athletes do not make it in the professional ranks. It's not that they don't have the skills. They don't know the game. The same is true for screenwriting.

Your script might be a great read. But what separates a hundred pages of words from becoming ninety minutes of film is not necessarily the quality of the writing. You could have the next blockbuster but it's only a stack of paper until somebody puts up the money.

Unlike other webinars you may have attended, The Seven Traits of a Producible Script will not tell you how to write, rather it will show you how to take what you write and craft it into something industry professionals will recognize as a potential project.

Charles Kipps has written features, both indie and studio. His television credits include episodic and long form. He'll explain what helped take these scripts from his desk to the screen.


  • How to see beyond the page and onto a film set
  • Who is really deciding whether or not to buy your script
  • How to think like a film crew instead of just a writer
  • Which simple tweaks can increase your chances of a sale
  • What is involved when breaking down a script and why it's important to know
  • How to come across as a seasoned pro even if you've never had a script produced


  • Writers who are wondering what else they can do to sell a script
  • Writers who want to know more about the chaos of production
  • New writers who are ready to get serious about their career
  • Veteran writers who typically spend more time at a computer than on a set
  • Producers who want to know how to spot a producible script
  • Agents, managers, and executives who act as the intermediary between writers and filmmakers
  • Investors who need a primer on the real cost of turning a script into a film
  • Anyone planning a career in the film/television industry
  • Professionals such as attorneys and accountants who have writers as clients

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