The Top Reasons I Pass on a Script: How to Go from a Pass to a Recommend OnDemand Webinar

The Top Reasons I Pass on a Script: How to Go from a Pass to a Recommend OnDemand Webinar

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Studios and producers have gatekeepers who read script submissions before the head honchos ever do. Their opinion can make or break your script. Score well on a reader's report and you've just taken the first big step to a sale. Even if you don't sell your script, a great reader's report from a big name producer or studio can help land you an agent or a manager.

Peter worked as a script reader for over twelve years, and read over 5,000 scripts for major producers and studios including CBS, HBO, Imagine Entertainment, and many, many more. He saw the same problems over and over again. It wasn't just the new writers' scripts, either. Scripts from very famous, well-paid writers were often turned down for the same reasons.

Learn the most common mistakes readers see in scripts and how to fix them. Discover how to make your concept, characters, dialogue, storyline and structure shine above the rest.


  • What concepts producers want most
  • How to write characters that connect with the reader and the audience
  • The difference between showing and telling
  • The most important way every character needs to change -- and the one exception
  • What genre means and why you need to know your genre inside and out
  • The truth about writing unique stories that don't "fit the mold"
  • One incredibly easy trick that will make your stories memorable
  • How to make readers want to turn the page
  • The one thing that every recommended script does very well


  • Writers who are looking to take their work to the next level
  • Writers who are frustrated because their work is getting a "Pass" from studios and producers
  • Writers who know their ideas are great but something falls apart on the page
  • Writers who are looking to write character-driven material
  • Writers with a unique point of view who want to know how to sell their work
  • New writers who want to improve their knowledge of story
  • Experienced writers who are looking for consistent "Recommends"
  • Writers, producers and directors who are in the rewrite process
  • Producers who want to understand how to improve their projects
  • Anyone who wants to become a script reader

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