Where to Start: How to Write the Exact Right Beginning of Your Story OnDemand Webinar

Where to Start: How to Write the Exact Right Beginning of Your Story OnDemand Webinar

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The opening carries the promise of the entire story and the weight of the audience's expectations. Appreciating the importance of the exact right opening to a great story, writers often freeze up, unable to move forward until they've pinned down that elusive beginning.

Martha Alderson, also known as the Plot Whisperer, has deconstructed countless beginnings of award-winning screenplays, novels and memoirs and has helped hundreds of writers find the true beginnings of their stories. She's developed a beginning checklist she'll share with you to determine where best to begin your story.

Learn the dos and don't to crafting a memorable beginning. Gain insight into how best introduce your story.


  • The importance of a compelling opening
  • The most common problems with the first line, first scene, first quarter of your story and how to fix them
  • What the 10 Great Beginnings checklist is and how to use it
  • How to find your true beginning
  • How to test the beginning you have now
  • What to do if your beginning isn't working
  • Using the End of your story to help determine the Beginning


  • Writers who are looking to create a compelling beginning
  • Writers struggle with the opening of their stories
  • Writers who want to create a story that entices the reader deeper into the story
  • Writers who respect the value of universal story-telling techniques
  • Writes who want to maximize their chances at winning an audience
  • Writers who are serious about their career
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves

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