Write Great TV Scenes: Learn the Secrets of the TV 'BEAT' OnDemand Webinar

Write Great TV Scenes: Learn the Secrets of the TV 'BEAT' OnDemand Webinar

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Want to add power to your TV scenes? You need to learn how TV story scenes use the BEAT as their fundamental rhythm (there are 14-16 Beats in a half hour TV shows, and 28 in an hour long show). What's a Beat? A single Beat is, simply, just a dramatic moment in your story. But so many writers don't understand how to exploit and build a TV Beat (it's different from a movie 'scene'.) Each TV Beat lasts from one to five minutes. It's the whole 'escalator' of suspense in TV story. Understanding how each of these Beats work will make your script grab the audience hard, and keep them watching. The hidden pattern of the Beat lies in how you hook the audience through a rhythm. That's precisely what you'll get in this definitive webinar.

What's very cool about learning how to create a great Beat? Because if you can write one Beat of your story well, you can write almost any Beat well -- using the same tools to put conflict, electricity, and tension into the story. This webinar will show you the secrets that help the very best TV writers bring explosive power to their Beats. 'Do the Beat and do the show!' The webinar will be using examples from great current TV shows (like STRANGER THINGS, MR. ROBOT, PEAKY BLINDERS, THIS IS US, GOLIATH, MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, and many more)

Join famed Hollywood script doctor Peter Russell (peterrussellscriptdoctor.com), who has taught and inspired writers like Kor Adana (MR. ROBOT - Emmy for Best New Drama 2015), and Hal Ozsan (SONS OF ANARCHY). This information-rich, fast moving webinar will inspire you with Peter's signature visual style, while giving you the tools that keep your audience seduced on every page of your script. Peter says 'In TV, you've got to constantly keep your storyline taut -- far more so than in movies. TV story must interest the audience second by second -- another show is just a click away! So each Beat has to by like exploding cocaine and dynamite under their noses! And the timing of a Beat is getting quicker every year.'


  • The two characters you need in most TV Beats
  • The hidden structure that never varies in any Beat
  • Why each Beat is either a happy ending or a tragedy
  • Why creating suspense in TV is all about a tension-filled Beat
  • Why a Beat structure can help your individual scenes explode off the page
  • How the greatest writers of Beats achieve their effects
  • Examples of what NOT to put into your Beat
  • Putting the Beats together -- why each Beat has a (slightly) different job


  • Writers who want to add power to their television scenes
  • Movie writers looking to move into TV
  • TV writers looking to make their scripts far more powerful
  • Producers who need to help their TV writers scripts sell
  • Editors who need to understand how to build more tension in their cuts
  • Story creators who want to expand their movie script into a TV 'Beat' Structure
  • Writers who want to understand sit-com 'set ups and punch lines'
  • Creators with hour-long dramas that lack narrative drive in the later Acts
  • Writers who need inspiration to create better individual scenes
  • TV writers who need to learn how to outline their stories using Beats
Find out more about Peter's online classes at peterrussellscriptdoctor.com

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