Write Sci-Fi Film & Television Scripts That Sell OnDemand Webinar

Write Sci-Fi Film & Television Scripts That Sell OnDemand Webinar

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When it comes to science-fiction films and television, audiences want entertaining stories with interesting characters that take them away from the real world, if only for a short time. But before the audience can experience your story, you must get through the gatekeepers first.

This webinar will provide you with the practical knowledge necessary to successfully deliver the essential elements expected in the science-fiction-fantasy genre.

As an experienced writer, producer, director, and teacher, Steve Duncan will help you meet the expectations of people who represent, buy, or option science-fiction screenplays and television scripts. You'll learn that you must deliver both the expected elements of the genre as well as the unexpected -- the mysterious essentials of creativity and uniqueness. From his own experience, Steve knows you can't break the rules until you know them. Attend this webinar and you'll come away with new tools that will allow your creative talent to blossom and shine through in your sci-fi writing.


  • What all is considered the science-fiction-fantasy genre
  • What are the important sci-fi sub-genres
  • The important sci-Fi films that you'll want to screen and analyze
  • Writing for and working with computer generated images (CGI)
  • How to choosing what to write for sci-fi
  • The heavy lifting for sci-fi: character, theme, premise
  • The sci-fi storytelling essentials: structure, plot, the five essential elements
  • Writing style and sci-fi
  • Television and sci-fi


  • Writers who want to learn how to write sci-fi screenplays and teleplays that sell
  • Writers who want to deepen their knowledge and make their sci-fi stories and screenplays more commercially viable
  • Writers who struggle with writing the sci-fi genre
  • Writers looking to find out what studio and production executives, agents, and managers are looking for in sci-fi screenplays and teleplays
  • Film and TV directors and producers who want to learn the elements of the sci-fi genre
  • Entertainment industry executives who want to learn the elements of sci-fi film genre in order to improve development skills
  • Story Editors and Script Consultants who want to improve their grasp of sci-fi storytelling

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