Writer's Digest July/August 2013 (PDF)

Writer's Digest July/August 2013 (PDF)

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Your Guide to Genre Fiction



What “High Concept” Means in Any Genre

Stumped by submission guidelines calling for “high-concept” romance, suspense, young adult or other popular fiction? These seven qualifiers will help you gauge how (and where) your work fits in.

by Jeff Lyons


Vitamin C for Your Thriller

Boost your story’s immunity to reader scrutiny with these fortifying nutrients.

by James Scott Bell


“New Adult”: The Next Big Thing?

There’s a new genre targeting readers who are outgrowing YA—but is it here to stay? Here’s what you should know about the New Adult trend.

by Teri Brown


How to Write & Sell the Cross-Genre Novel

Quality cross-genre fiction has the potential to reach exponentially more readers by appealing to multiple audiences. Broaden your story’s appeal with these smart strategies.

by Michelle Richmond


Major Genre Awards at a Glance

Whether you’re looking to decipher an author’s bio, read up on the best in your target genres, or set goals for your own published work, start with this quick guide.

by Ophelia Thomas


The Once and Future King

Joe Hill set out to prove that you don’t have to be the son of the most famous writer on the planet to be heir to the horror throne. But it just so happens he’s both.

by Zachary Petit


The WD Interview: Khaled Hosseini

Truly great storytelling is a powerful thing. It can cross borders, transcend language, touch hearts, open minds—and make a writer’s most “outlandish” dreams come true.

by Jessica Strawser


Short and Striking

The winners of WD’s Short Short Story Competition prove that the smallest stories can have the biggest impact.

by Marielle Murphy


WRITER’S WORKBOOK: Antagonists & Antiheroes

by Laura Disilverio


Mastering Monsters As Antagonists

by Jessica Page Morrell


The Art Of The Antihero

by Jessica Page Morrell



Mini Muses

Seven popular authors take us behind their desks for a look at the totems that keep their stories going strong

by Janice Gable Bashman



  • Faith-Based Freelancing
  • 5 Things Novelists Can Learn From Screenwriters
  • Poetic Asides
  • Q&Q: Literally vs. Figuratively
  • 5-Minute Memoir



BREAKING IN: Debut Author Spotlight

by Chuck Sambuchino


MEET THE AGENT: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency

by Kara Gebhart Uhl


FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Established Agents vs. New Reps; Coping With Contradictory Feedback

by Barbara Poelle


YOUR STORY: The Ticker

by Dori Renner


STANDOUT MARKETS: Brain, Child; AARP The Magazine; Avon Romance

by Tiffany Luckey


CONFERENCE SCENE: Clarksville, Tenn.; Teen Writers; The Writers’ League of Texas

by Linda Formichelli


REJECT A HIT: The Exorcist

Spoof-Rejected by Edward Murphy