Writing an Award Winning Drama Feature OnDemand Webinar

Writing an Award Winning Drama Feature OnDemand Webinar

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Whether you're writing an independent film that you plan to shoot yourself or a commercial project that you hope to sell to Hollywood, writing a dramatic feature demands a comprehensive understanding of the genre. Anticipating and understanding what film executives, directors, and producers require, if not demand, of a dramatic screenplay is essential to writing an award-winning script.

During this webinar, Susan Kouguell will offer specific strategies for writing a successful dramatic feature. Advice and discussion will include developing and implementing character and plot conflict, genre consistency, as well as tips on dialogue, scene pacing and visual storytelling. We will also cover understanding both the film executive's and audience's expectations without compromising your creativity and vision.

Susan Kouguell brings to this class a unique perspective; working in various capacities in the film industry, as a writer of over a dozen feature assignments, as a story analyst and story editor in the development departments of studios and independent production companies, and as a screenplay and film consultant since 1990. Susan will share her experiences, working at the major film studios and with Oscar and Emmy award winners, focusing on writing a dramatic feature-length screenplay.


1. What film executives demand in a successful dramatic screenplay.
2. How to convey a consistent genre.
3. How to avoid common pitfalls when writing dramas.
4. Telling a dramatic story an audience will care about
5. Writing characters who are compelling.
6. Advice on raising the stakes in the plot.
7. Specific tools to write dialogue that is distinct to each character.
8. Techniques to make action paragraphs shine in this genre.
9. Tips on executing the three-act structure.
10. Insights for writing gripping scenes.


  • Screenwriters seeking information, inspiration and guidance from an industry insider who's been in the film trenches (and survived) for over 25 years.
  • Aspiring and professional writers looking for hands-on and inspiring tools for developing and writing a successful dramatic feature.
  • Producers, directors, and actors, seeking insight into the writer's mind and work process.
  • Writers, filmmakers, and producers living and working anywhere on the globe.

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