Writing and Producing the Microbudget Film OnDemand Webinar

Writing and Producing the Microbudget Film OnDemand Webinar

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Creating a feature film has never been more accessible. With the development of sophisticated yet inexpensive technology, virtually anyone has the opportunity to assemble a 90-minute visual story with a beginning, middle, and end. However, few people know what it really takes to produce such a project, how to write a script that can be executed with no money, and where to begin.

Isaac has written, co-written, directed, and/or produced six feature films ranging in budget from $2,000 to $500,000. He'll reveal the key parameters to writing a screenplay that requires little to no money to make and guide you through the steps of producing such a movie.

Learn the elements of a screenplay that raise or lower a budget and how to address them without losing quality. Find out how to access a crew and equipment without spending money, why they'll thank you for it. With this key information, some disciplined writing, and a little initiative, you'll be equipped to stop dreaming and start doing.


  • A list of parameters your screenplay must include
  • What types of scenes turn off producers
  • Adjustments to make a screenplay less expensive to produce
  • How to maximize locations
  • Where to get free equipment
  • Who you should cast in the lead role
  • What is the most important thing to spend money on


  • Writers who want their screenplay to become a movie
  • Writers who want to produce or direct their own material
  • Writers who want to learn about the business
  • Writers who want a challenge
  • Producers or Directors who want to make a feature immediately
  • Producers who want to learn how to save money
  • Producers and Writers who desire a formula to launch from

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