Writing and Selling a TV Movie OnDemand Webinar

Writing and Selling a TV Movie OnDemand Webinar

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Approximately 622 films are released theatrically each year in the U.S. In comparison, thousands of movies are released annually on networks like Lifetime, Hallmark, SyFy, History, UPtv, OWN, LMN, ABC, TNT, HBO, Showtime and Disney. Nearly every network now produces original movies that specifically target the interests of their unique demographic. What does this mean for a screenwriter? It means that creating a screenplay that meets the criteria of a specific network may increase the marketability of your script and get it not only optioned, but sold and in production!

This webinar is designed to help novice and experienced screenwriters understand what networks are looking for, how made-for-television screenplays differ from those of theatrical movies, and how to get your screenplay into the hands of a network exec without agency representation. After viewing this webinar, you'll be able to identify and recreate the various structures used in TV movies, learn how to deal with commercial breaks, and better understand what elements appeal to network execs and television producers.

Christine Conradt has 35 produced television credits to her name in addition to four indie features. She also produces movies for TV and recently directed a feature film she also wrote. She has two books on screenwriting due out in 2015. In her lucrative 20-year career, she has never had an agent.


  • Differences between TV and theatrical screenplays
  • The elements network execs are looking for in a screenplay
  • How to identify various screenplay structures
  • How to determine if your concept is marketable
  • Ways to get your scripts read without submission from an agent


  • Writers that want to break into the industry through television
  • Writers looking for a first IMDB credit
  • Writers that want to make the transition from theatrical to television
  • Writers that are fans of a particular network
  • Writers that prefer to write in a specific genre
  • Writers that want to hone their general writing skills
  • Writers that do not have an agent or manager

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