Writing Edgy Comedy OnDemand Webinar

Writing Edgy Comedy OnDemand Webinar

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When you tackle a comedy script, do you imagine making your mark on the industry with a film like like Animal House or Road Trip -- the kind of classic, no-holds-barred comedy that's forever seared into the memories of a generation of young adults?

To create a script for a movie like that, you need specific types of characters, jokes, storylines and themes that have always worked in this genre. In this live, interactive webinar, a successful veteran comedy writer, Scott Dikkers, will provide you with an easy-to-follow checklist of time-tested principles of this very popular genre. In the Q&A section, we'll figure out how these principles apply to your own screenplay. The information-packed experience will leave you with all the tools you need to confidently write an over-the-top, R-rated comedy.

We'll watch movie clips and examine screenplays of famous hits to zero in on the most important elements of the successful college-market comedy. We'll also look at edgy comedies that failed to become classics or even find an audience, and figure out what they did wrong so you can avoid the same mistakes.


  • The 5 best character archetypes for the R-rated comedy
  • Why it's now harder than ever to create a successful edgy comedy, and the one trick you can use to defy the odds
  • The one big mistake that dooms most raunchy comedies
  • 3 secrets to making your edgy comedy script rise above the pack
  • A simple, 5-step process for creating a first draft of your screenplay
  • 10 great tips for writing insanely funny dialog
  • How to generate laughs from more than just jokes
  • The one theme of almost every successful college comedy
  • How to create college or young-adult characters with unique voices


  • Writers who want to create an outlandish comedy movie
  • Writers who want to amp up the humor their screenplay
  • Writers who want to create material that audiences will talk about
  • Writers struggling with how to make their script more powerfully funny
  • Writers who want to connect with young-adult audiences
  • Writers who enjoy edgy humor in movies and want to understand how it works

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