Writing Television 101 OnDemand Webinar

Writing Television 101 OnDemand Webinar

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This is the most exciting time in history to be starting a career as a television writer. Jobs are multiplying as more and more outlets open up to new series, there seems to be no limits to the kinds of stories that can be told, and there is a real hunger for new voices. TV has become the dominant creative medium in our culture, and if you have something to say there are people who will be willing to pay you to say it.

But even as the kinds of shows and they way they're delivered continue to change at a constantly accelerating pace, the way series are created, written and produced is essentially the same as it's been since the days of Charlie's Angels. In this webinar you will learn how TV series work, how to get and keep a job on one of them, and how you can build and maintain your own career.

I've been a TV writer/producer for more than thirty years, and I've lived through the industry's vast changes. I've worked on shows for broadcast and cable and consulted for international production companies fighting to make shows good enough to land on one of the global streaming services. I've been in writers rooms on four continents, and I've seen not only how much of the business has changed, but more importantly how much seems to be eternal.

In this webinar you will learn what you need to know to thrive in any of those rooms -- how the writers' room functions, how to merge your individual style with the voice of a show, how to work in a collaborative medium, and what you can expect from the life of a TV writer.


  • How the writers' room is put together
  • What happens in the writers' room
  • How TV stories are crafted
  • How to work with other writers
  • How to understand what makes a story work
  • How the TV business is changing and how that affects you
  • What a showrunner will expect from you
  • The things that will keep you working in the business and
  • The mistakes that are guaranteed to destroy your career


  • Writers who want to work in TV
  • Writers who want to understand how TV works
  • Writers who are looking for their first job
  • Writers who are frustrated with their careers
  • Writers who want to advance in the TV business
  • Writers who want to write an original pilot
  • Writers who want to be a part of the most exciting creative medium today

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