Writing The Fabulous (& Fashionable) TV Crime Serial OnDemand Webinar

Writing The Fabulous (& Fashionable) TV Crime Serial OnDemand Webinar

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The crime serial drama is hot! TV shows like TRUE DETECTIVE and RAY DONOVAN have both elements of the long form serial and also often insert stories that mimic week to week procedurals, combining these creates a fabulous and compelling story for today's TV audience.

IP and cable markets are exploding and their appetite for crime serial drama is growing. Learn how to take elements from traditional movies (character arcs, wounds, emotional change) and build it into your crime serial. Whether you're making the move from network procedural to 'anthology' series, or want to create a mini-series (both are fashionable), Peter Russell can show you how to shape your story.

Peter has sold both a mini-series and a serial crime drama in 2017, and he'll share his experience with selling (not just writing) this very fashionable form.


  • How to use movie story form in TV storytelling
  • The key to building mystery thriller arcs in TV story
  • Why the 'buddy' relationship is key to many serial crime stories
  • The one thing a serial hero needs to do to 'solve the crime'
  • How a hero's core wounds power an entire series run
  • The importance of the 'hook' and the 'unsolvable dilemma' in the serial form


  • Writers making the leap to TV from film writing
  • Creators who want to build original crime drama story
  • Producers who need help with existing pilots that aren't quite 'there'
  • Writers building a story bible for a series
  • Writers with a 'hot' idea but who don't get TV story form
  • Creators who need to understand mystery thriller form
  • Writers who want to move from procedural to long form serial
  • Creators who seek to make original, 'cool' mini-series and serial crime drama

Find out more about Peter's online classes at peterrussellscriptdoctor.com

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