Writing the Spec Pilot Script that Launches your TV Career OnDemand Webinar

Writing the Spec Pilot Script that Launches your TV Career OnDemand Webinar

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In the past two years, Corey Mandell has had 47 students and clients sell or option scripts with dozens more landing writing assignments and getting staffed on such TV shows as Community, Justified, The Mentalist, The Fosters, Young and Hungry and many others. An extremely well executed spec script is required to break into the TV business, yet too many writers waste valuable time writing a script with little to no chance at success.

This seminar covers what agents and managers are looking for in today's TV marketplace and shares the best ways to launch a career. It also provides the specific tools required to write pilot scripts that can truly get noticed.


  • How to successfully sell a TV pitch
  • Why most pilot scripts are rejected
  • What kind of pilot scripts stand out and get you the right kind of attention
  • How to know if your pilot script is ready to be read by the industry
  • How to get your pilot script read by the right people
  • Avoiding the mistakes that can sink your chances


  • Writers who want real tools to make their scripts unique and desirable
  • Seasoned writers as well as new TV writers
  • Both comedy and drama writers
  • Writers who are about to go out to the industry with a pilot spec
  • Writers who have their script rejected
  • Writers who are about to start a new pilot script
  • Writers who are about to rewrite their pilot script

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