Writing TV from Inside Hollywood and Out OnDemand Webinar

Writing TV from Inside Hollywood and Out OnDemand Webinar

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There is no one way to becoming a professional writer. What this class will do is help you understand fully what lies ahead as you pursue your journey in this field. This webinar will take you on a ride to explore not only how to get started in your career, but avoid the pitfalls that so many writers make while pursuing it.

We will explore the craft of writing a great comedy script. Structure, character, comedy and sometimes drama are the things that we will talk about with the goal of showing step by step how to construct a great script that will get you noticed and hired on a TV show.

We will talk about why we love our favorite shows and what makes them so special. How a great television show can not only be entertaining but shape culture and change the world.


  • How to become a professional writer
  • How to come up with a great show idea
  • Writing a comedy half hour script
  • Structure of television writing
  • Creating great characters
  • Finding the comedy in your script
  • Using drama in a comedy
  • Making your characters unique
  • The difference in writing an original pilot verses an existing show
  • The rewrite process


  • Writers who want the real about Hollywood with no fluff
  • Writers who want to improve their craft
  • Writers who are just starting out
  • Writers who are starting their first pilot
  • Writers who want to know what it is like in a "writers room"
  • Writers who want to make their script great and stand out
  • Writers who want to avoid getting fired on a show

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